Student Support Services are available for students in the community and at The Ferguson School.

Nia School

The Village Schools extends our school’s well-balanced learning experiences through hybrid homeschool program. This program embraces all K-5 students in the community including public school and homeschool students through varied programs. We provide an intellectually, emotionally, and physically safe space for students with trusted and caring staff. Our comprehensive program includes project-based learning in math and science, coding, robotics, literacy instruction, physical activity, foreign language, visual arts, and social development.

Our Hybrid Homeschool Program is available for students in Grades K-5. Families may choose a schedule that fits their needs for students to engage in creative and challenging classes.
Tuition for Hybrid Homeschool
Full-day classes:$50/day.
Half-day classes: $25/day.
Single class: $15/class.
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Student Support Services are available for students in the community and at The Village Schools. Our in-house speech language pathologist is Danielle Corneille of High Five Language and Learning. Danielle assesses children’s speech, language, reading, spelling, and writing skills, with additional consideration for learning challenges and needs. These assessments outline students’ strengths and needs in a customized intervention plan to address their learning (phonological awareness, reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, letter formation, etc.). Danielle also provides reading intervention using empirically supported approaches including Orton-Gillingham. Orton-Gillingham is a multisensory, research-based approach used to support children with dyslexia and reading disorders.

Danielle is trained in a variety of speech-language approaches to serve students with autism, apraxia, sensory and neurological differences, and other developmental disabilities. This includes supporting students with receptive and expressive speech and language, articulation, and augmentative and alternative communication.


Students should bring their own lunch for school each day.

We encourage parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks for their children.

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