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Tuition & Fees

Thank you for considering joining the Village! We recognize that an independent, school education is an investment in your child’s future, and we do not take your family’s financial contribution lightly. An investment in The Ferguson School provides a progressive and innovative community for students to become critical and creative thinkers, spiritually mature, and positively aware of themselves and others.

2024-2025 Annual Tuition
Tuition for The Ferguson School is $9,000.00 for the 2024-2025 academic year.

We offer an adjusted tuition rate for families in need. Complete the Inquiry Form to inquire about this opportunity for families!

What Does Tuition Cover?
Our affordable and inclusive tuition provides school and instructional supplies, curriculum, and field trips. Electronic devices are also provided for all students.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose The Ferguson School?

The Village Schools provides a progressive, Christian educational environment in a safe and loving place for students. Our curriculum is rooted in Christian values and gives a true perspective of history and the modern world.

Must students be Christians to attend TFS?

Students and families of all faiths are welcome to join the Village! All faiths are respected by our staff and students.

How important is the admissions assessment?

The admissions assessment is used for academic placement or to show readiness for specific classes. For this reason, the assessment takes place at the end of the admissions process so that the school is able to determine how best to support students.

How will I know when the application file is complete?

Our admissions team is friendly and helpful! The team will update you throughout the process to let you know which items have been received and if additional steps need to be completed. Once all items are on file, a family interview is scheduled with the Head of School.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is not provided for The Village Schools. We encourage families to find creative ways to carpool or to use an outside shuttle service. Our parent community is a good resource for helping to arrange discussions for transportation if needed.

Does the Village Schools provide financial aid for those demonstrating need?

The Village Schools does not offer financial aid or scholarship for students. However, families who demonstrate need may inquire about our adjusted rate tuition.  We are committed to using tuition dollars for the necessary personnel, materials, and instruction to support student growth. If you are interested in financially supporting a student at The Village Schools, visit our Support TFS page  to make a donation.

Is there a parent network?

Yes! Have you ever heard the African proverb, “It takes a village?” Well, parents are a huge part of the success of our school and students! Visit our Support TFS page to find ways that parents can get involved now!

Are uniforms required?

No. Students are expected to wear comfortable and appropriate learning for hands-on, active learning.

What is the Village Fund and why is it so important?

The Village Fund is an annual fund that supports necessary expenses outside of what is covered in tuition. A few examples of those types of expenses would be expanding instructional programming, and to ensure current and future growth of the school.

Is The Ferguson Schools a non-profit?

The Ferguson School is a nonprofit with 501c3 status. The Ferguson School operates from the guidance of its own Board of Trustees. In addition, The Ferguson School receives recommendations and feedback from a shared Advisory Board comprised of community members, parents, and students.

Important Dates
First Semester 2023
Student Tours Continue
Teacher of Color Recruitment Fair
NO SCHOOL; President's Day
Teacher of Color Recruitment Fair
NO SCHOOL; Spring Break
Kindergarten-Grade 5

Step 1:
Complete the online application form. Paper copies can also be submitted. Payment of $150 for application fee due to process the app.

Step 2:
Submit to Current School:
-Classroom Teacher Form(if available)
-Records Release Form  (if available)

Complete Parent Information form

Step 3:
Schedule an Interview (family interview, generally 30 minutes)

Step 4:
Readiness Evaluation

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