Tiffany Blassingame

School Founder, The Ferguson School
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Tiffany Blassingame is the Founder and Head of School at The Ferguson School in Decatur, GA.  Throughout her work as an educator for over 20 years, she has developed curriculum and programming, provided instructional coaching and professional development for school principals and their teachers, served as a school administrator and education activist, and taught primary grades. When her son was younger, Tiffany began searching for the right learning environment for him. She found schools that were either strong in character principles, strong in academics, or strong in identity development. However, she couldn’t find a school that offered all three areas and offered them well. Years later, she decided to create the space that she searched for when her son was younger--an intellectually, emotionally, and physically safe space for children.

Tiffany is a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree from Clemson University in Education Administration. She holds endorsements in both reading and gifted education. Tiffany supports racial diversity, inclusion, and equity in both the public and independent school sectors. She has presented at local, national, and world conferences on various topics for equitable identification and support for talented learners.  She is an Arizona State University Prep Microschool Fellow. When she is not at The Ferguson School, Tiffany is spending time with her son, Josh.

When she is not at The Ferguson School, Tiffany is spending time with her son, Josh, who is a high school scholar and athlete. Tiffany is a member of Free Chapel Gwinnett in Suwanee, GA.

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